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fuck me amore

The Usual
02.Location 17
03.Age you claimed edge and current age 16 and 17
04.Reasons pertaining to why you are edge because it's a lifestyle that i'm comfotable with. and it sounds fuckin dumb when you say 'yeah man i trashed/ high last night.'
05.10 bands you enjoy fear before the march of flames, norma jean, the bled, from autumn to ashes, atreyu, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, everytime i die, duran duran, the beautiful mistake, anatomy of a ghost, kill verona, oh and dizzee rascal.. best rap around.
06.Things you enjoy energy drinks, chewy sweattarts, wawa iced tea, green tea and oranges, boys in tight pants, the ashlee simpson show
07.10 bands you dislike the starting line, good charlotte, simple plan, hilary duff and all things like it, new fall out boy, new new found glory, creed, staind, crazytown, dashboard confessional!!
08.Last Show you went to umm.. i went to see fear before and armore for sleep at the ottobar.. but then i was going to a show with blindset and bombs agay (away) and got ina car accident.. so you choose.
09.Favotire quote of lyric oh man.. umm there are so many to choose... umm fear before "the sun flips, so we dance" and the bled "your love is homicide".. oh man! but then there's "when the urgency strikes you, you better not loose your nerve".. ok i'll stop.

Questions. (No one word answers)
10.Those who break edge, should they be able to re-claim?
of course.. being edge isn't about other people, it's the life style that you choose for yourself. as well as what you consider breaking edge.
11.Is not drinking caffeine a part of being straight edge? of course not. someone just made that up. although it is about choosing what's right for you. i'm gonna keep drinking caffeine, but i don't consider that "breaking edge"
12.Is Vegetarianism/Veganism a part of being straight edge? uhh no. that's why they're called different things. i'm vegetarian but i don't consider anything to do with being straight edge. i mean someone is still edge even though they eat meat. i just choose not to.

now for pictures ok.. so my camera got damaged in the accident. and these are the only ones saved on my computer.

i look like a bitch.. but i'm not!!

i'm ganster!

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