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The Usual
01.Name: alyssa
02.Location: palmetto, fl
03.Age you claimed edge and current age: 13 im almost 15
04.Reasons pertaining to why you are edge: ive seen what it can do to people and what it has done to some of my friends, it just makes them look like idiots!!! and its not going to do you any good in the long run..
05.10 bands you enjoy:death cab for cutie, coheed & cambria, the postal service, taking back sunday, the blood brothers, fall out boy, norma jean, thursday, under oath, atreyu,
06.Things you enjoy: friends, going to shows, being clean!!!
07.10 bands you dislike: simple plan, good charolett, blink182, hillary duff EWW, stuff like that..i just dont like it!!
08.Last Show you went to:under oath
09.Favotire quote of lyric: toooo many

Questions. (No one word answers)
10.Those who break edge, should they be able to re-claim? yes. but i dont think you should go out with some friends one night and decide to drink or something. and a couple days later re-claim if you know it will happen again.
11.Is not drinking caffeine a part of being straight edge? no i drink it all the time.
12.Is Vegetarianism/Veganism a part of being straight edge? 2 different things..straight edge is about wanting to have a clean life..not eating meat isnt going to change that

13. Pictures 4-10
^^ sorry that one is flipped like that
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