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The Usual
03.Age you claimed edge and current age-claimed at 14...now 17
04.Reasons pertaining to why you are edge-the only real reason for anyone should be that they thought it was right for them...it was right for me so i chose to live this lifestyle
05.10 bands you enjoy-7 angels 7 plagues, too pure to die, project x, xdeathstarx, earth crisis, no innocent victim, the risk taken, integrity, pitboss 2000, first blood
06.Things you enjoy-hardcore, football, cooking, sleeping, baseball
07.10 bands you dislike-311, pantera, mushroomhead, soil, slipknot, incubus, nirvana, taproot, kittie, drowning pool
08.Last Show you went to-with honor, still crossed, the risk taken, suffocate faster, too pure to die, see it through
09.Favotire quote of lyric-"It's our struggles that define us..."-Hatebreed

Questions. (No one word answers)
10.Those who break edge, should they be able to re-claim? def not...you had your chance and you blew it
11.Is not drinking caffeine a part of being straight edge? no because i am not addicted to caffeine...straight edge is against addicitons...i do not believe caffeine is an addiction
12.Is Vegetarianism/Veganism a part of being straight edge? "dont drink dont smoke dont fuck" where does it say anything about meat?...so NO

13. Pictures 4-10
me and my girlfriend messin around

me after church

sleeping after fishing

me at the pool today all sun burned

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