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fuck me amore


The Usual
01.Name: Kyra
02.Location: Huntsville
03.Age you claimed edge and current age: Claimed edge 14. I'm now 16.
04.Reasons pertaining to why you are edge: I have lost plenty of friends because they seem to think that drugs are a little more important than oh say, a friendship.
05.10 bands you enjoy
-Eighteen Visions
-My Children My Bride
-The Strokes
-The Vines
-September 22nd
-Unicorn Tradgedy
-Bleeding Through
06.Things you enjoy
07.10 bands you dislike
-Good Charlotte
-Simple Plan
-The Darkness
-I cant really think of any other bands I don't like. 08.Last Show you went to
-Blame It On Blondie two weeks ago.
09.Favotire quote of lyric

Questions. (No one word answers)
10.Those who break edge, should they be able to re-claim? No, they are fucking hipocrites.
11.Is not drinking caffeine a part of being straight edge? Some people think it is. I don't drink caffiene but if you do I don't think you aren't sXe.
12.Is Vegetarianism/Veganism a part of being straight edge? No


Yea I can't take a good picture if it could save my life.


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